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Freedom From Surveillance, Freedom From Costly Subscriptions

Entertainment platorms and mobile products for privacy- and cost-conscious individuals.

Explore our range of products tailored to ensure your digital interactions remain secure and surveillance-free.

Discover the power of open-source technologies combined with fee-free available content to redefine your digital experience.

Enhanced Security

Community Support



Data Ownership



Lower Costs

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Privacy First And Always


Embrace a worry-free mobile experience knowing your data is protected against prying eyes..


Safeguard your digital life with our privacy-focused products, shielding you from intrusive surveillance.

gears Flexibility

Take control of your entertainment and mobile computing experiences with Freedomwave’s innovative solutions.

Upcycled Technology, Sustainable Future

Reduce your environmental footprint with our upcycled technology options, including refurbished cell phones.

Embrace sustainability without compromising performance with our eco-friendly devices.

Join us in promoting a greener future through responsible technology consumption.

Supporting the Open Source Movement

Support Innovation

A portion of every sale of a Freedomwave product is contributed to the open-source technologies we support.

Champion Transparency

Feel good knowing that your purchase helps advance open-source efforts worldwide.

Technology For All

Join us in championing transparency and accessibility in technology for all – without sacrificing performance or privacy.

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Setting up your Pixel Privacy Phone

Installing your SIM card Turn off your Pixel phone. At the bottom left edge of … Read more

GrapheneOS: A Secure and Privacy-Focused Android Experience

GrapheneOS is an open-source Android-based OS focused on user privacy and security. It offers enhanced security features, improved privacy controls, and regular security updates, setting it apart from stock Android and OEM versions. With no bloatware and a Google-free option, it provides a tailored, transparent, and secure mobile experience for privacy-conscious users.

Manually Refreshing the Channel List on the CoreBOX 2

Freedomwave’s free live IPTV channel list changes occasionally—new channels are added, and dead channels are … Read more
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